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E. Farnham Butler, owner of the Mount Desert Yacht Yard and Cyrus Hamlin, NA designed the Amphibi-Con sloop in the early 1950’s. 123 of these boats were built including about 3 fiberglass boats.   Several other designs were developed by the yard ranging from the 24 foot Amphibi-ette to the Controversy 36, the flagship of the fleet of these fine yachts.

  1. E.Farnham Butler


Cyrus Hamlin


Amphibi-Con Burgee

This site was started for the owners, friends of the design and others who are curious about the design that was at the forefront of the trailer sailor boat production in the USA.  In the various sections you will find information on the known hulls we have been able to track down as well as photos of the boats which are still providing their owners great enjoyment through their continued use after many years of service.

In the near future you will again be able to post information as well as ask questions of the owners.  For now you will be able to only view the past news area.  The photo section is a little different from the previous site configuration but I think you will find it informative and enjoyable.  The most important change is that I now control the site and am (believe it or not) able to make changes and additions myself without outside help.  This will keep things current and viable.

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The Amphibi-Con Association


The QED - Hull Number 1, The boat that started it all.